Are you looking to get your latest gadget or Automotive product brought directly to end consumers?  We can develop a Mobile Demo strategy tour, regionally or nationally, to inject your newest offerings directly into the hands of your potential market or others to extend your reach.

We can schedule a 3 to 4 hour event at one of your local distributors or retailers and not only boost daily sales but handout literature or merchandise samples to consumers not hip to your companies products.  We’ve helped bring many new product lines and brands into areas the customers never thought they could reach with conventional marketing or advertising.  Print advertising doesn’t always work for some products because end users just simply need to touch and feel the quality or innovation your brand can provide.

Does your marketing team just need a little more horsepower ?  We can help man your displays, handout literature and work the events as your brand specialists as well.  Need Vehicles for your display on short notice?  We can do that too!


Email us to see if we can fit your event into our 2018 schedule.  We are accepting possible new event hosts currently. Our schedule fills up fast and will be basically planned out by Jan. 1st each year.