We were asked by the Automotive Marketing students to bring out the Dream Garage roadshow to the Countries largest all student ran event, we quickly saddled up and headed to the Northwood University Campus.  Many of the nations top executives and automotive industry leaders come through the halls of Northwood and helping the hungry young professionals of tomorrow was an honor for us.  We brought out the full display along with a couple new Camaros and a very unique Fisker Hybrid.  The Students were excited about our display showing a different strategy for Automotive Marketing than they are used to seeing. We brought out some new products from Dakota Digital , Cold Air inductions and Oracle Lighting. Handing out brochures at a trade show is one old way of getting interest for your products , the Dream Garage way is showing them off in use on amazing show cars , letting people touch , feel and use them. Thus showing them the difference in quality and innovation between your company and your competitors. The Automotive Aftermarket students helped us run the booth on Friday and Saturday to the crowds of alumni and show attendees.  We gave them general knowledge of the products and showed them how to use the show cars to help them demonstrate the products, they did an amazing job and were continuously developing their greeting strategies and finding ways to interact with the crowds.   Being our main showcase product the Gladiator Garageworks tool chests and work space products fielded lots of questions about construction and warranty , pricing and how to actually get the products. We helped the students remain professional and very informative to the potential customers , all the while staying fresh and excited throughout the weekend.

Our display really draws in the people , and the partner products make a great impression on folks. Giving them the knowledge they need for their projects at home or their upcoming restoration adventure or even choosing the correct performance upgrades for their late model muscle car. The Dream Garage roadshow has been providing expert advice for 3 years now helping thousands of people choose the correct product for their application. Stay tuned for the next Dream Garage stop and we’ll continue to bring you the latest in Automotive awesome and Garage Greatness !!!!