Kickstarting this years Power tour was a trip into the General Motors proving grounds. We set up the Dream Garage display right out front , and as the 4000+ vehicles starting rolling in they could see our flags flying above the 4 inspiring show cars.  We invited the Salute the troops Camaro to display with us and were able to help sell a few hundred tickets for their charity raffle.  We also had Halo’s 300c coupe concept showcasing Oracle lighting , Pirelli tires and Accuair ride set up. Also our 2 Dream Garage regulars , the new Camaro demo vehicles. The Detroit crowd was amazing , very interested in all things automotive , from the Gladiator Garage right down to the newly delivered Meguiars cleaning products and everything in between. The Proving grounds was an amazing venue , the layout was perfect and all of the long haulers and show cars were parked right next to the vendors midway.


Day 2 – We made the 3.5hr trek across the state of michigan to the lakeshore town of Muskegon.  From about 8am on , thousands of vehicles and show goers overtook the entire city.  We set up the Dream Garage right next to Magnuson Superchargers and Holley performance and before we could set out the last few goodies the isles were packed. You couldnt see the pavement for the next few hours, so many people were jambed into the midway nabbing up all the freebies and figuring out bolt on ways to make their rides better for the rest of the tour.  We had guys trying to purchase air intakes , drop springs , led lighting and even custom exhaust kit on the spot.  The sun baked us even under our new tent , we handed out waters and gatorades to try to keep hydrated.  We gave out a K&N prize pack and Scosche industries hooked up an unsuspecting enthusiasts with a set of their brand new reference grade ear buds.

Day 3 – After baking in the Muskegon sun , we headed about 5hrs South to Champaign , Illinois for the 3rd stop of the tour. It rained almost the entire day but we did still set up as much as we safely could.  The crowds were chomping at the bit so every tent had crowds underneith and lots of rain parkas found their way into the Dream Garage. The Veteran 1 Camaro and crew didnt let the rain bother them either, selling raffle tickets and giving away swag to the hardy crowds. Once the rain stopped it seamed thousands of people came out of the cracks , the isles were packed and the booth was packed once again.  As always the Pirelli 30″ wheel and tire was the ice breaker , opening the conversations up to folks wondering the use of such a fitment. Our Scosche and EFX products on display along with Oracle LED lighting and even our Kinetik Batteries sucked in the youthful crowd feilding lot of questions about where folks could find these products in Iowa and Western Illinois. We were able to give a lucky long hauler a K&N intake system again as we werent able to find a Dream Garage pick car.  We packed up the rig and headed for home after the show ended around 7pm.