You cant much better crowds than at the Auburn Auctions America weekend. Every year we have such a great time at this event mostly due to the amazing assortment of vehicles , secondly the crowds are all there in the mood to buy new cars , memorabilia and garage d├ęcor. This year we brought out a couple custom Chevrolet SEMA concepts , the Cadillac XLR-V display cutaway chassis, and the Halo Super Camaro. We got set up in our usual spot at the Auction and rolled out all the Gladiator Garageworks goodies along with the rest of the Dream Garage. We brought along a couple new products from Oracle lighting this time too, which always seem to draw the younger crowds into the display.

Friday starts out slow , but once the auctioneer starts his engine it seems the crowds just start piling up. We brought out a ton of stickers ,lanyards and cozies this year because we ran out on Sunday last year. As always the Dakota Digital feature display attracts all the

Hot rod builders and restoration guys. The VHX dash replacements are one of the coolest and easiest ways to upgrade your classics or custom vehicles. We actually take orders for these at events for Dakota Digital because some folks get so pumped up about buying a set up for their car once we get them all plugged in and informed on just how easy they are to install. Some of these guys been driving around their cars for 15 years without a working speedo or fuel gauge. The level of enjoyment in driving your vintage vehicle goes up significantly when it actually works like its supposed too.

We had the SSBC performance brakes on display again which is another life improving product. Without a brake upgrade or even 50% use of your factory brakes some folks just leave their collector cars sitting in the garage. Why not give them a little SSBC boost and drive them to work on Fridays ! We talked to so many folks about Gladiator Garageworks new premium line for their home offices and even at their work offices. The new color is great for commercial offices or car dealerships. We helped some guys design their new collector car showroom with Gladiator flooring and wall storage systems so they can keep everything off their new floor.

Auctions America brings out some really cool vehicles and strange memorabilia , somebody was driving around a mechanical elephant and made a stop at the Dream Garage for a TV interview. We had to take some pics for you guys. It really worked slick, from an engineering stand point. It had basically roller skates on and shuffled back and forth. Could have used a Cold air inductions air intake though !

We cant wait for next year already, Next event is coming up this weekend at Northwood University. Its their graduate students ran International Autoshow. Northwood is one of the countries most prestigious schools for Automotive executive training and OEM dealership network careers. Many of the OEM manufacturers back programs at the University and are heavily involved in teaching the potential executives of the future. This weekends event is from Fri – Sunday and hopefully somebody brings cider and donuts because its gonna be cold.