Recently we went down to Duquoin, Illinois for the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals. This show has been going on for years and has a great following. We had a great time once we got set up on the fairgrounds. All the big names were there including our friends from Chevrolet Performance, as the title sponsors they had a great display with all the latest from GM. We got set up right beside the main stage and were ready to rock. Unfortunately the weather was also and deciding to pull out all the stops. A few companies lost their canopies and everyone else hid for cover.
Saturday morning the sun was out and the crowds rolled into the fairgrounds. This show is different than most because they actually want people to be cruising around the fairgrounds all weekend. The Dream Garage was set up right on the cruise line and so we had a parade of cars and people all day. Lots of interest in the Gladiator GarageWorks components at this event. Many people had pieces and parts in their garages at home and liked seeing the welded premium line up versus the ready to assemble that they have. We got to hand out a ton of koozies all weekend to keep the drinks cool as it was HOT !  We brought out the Camaro and Apache truck this time and it was a perfect combination of new and old. We were able to show lots of folks the Dakota digital VHX setup in the Apache along with the Cold Air Inductions intake system on the Camaro.
Sunday there was another weather scare and it ran off most of the crowds, fortunately we had a nice tent to stay dry under and got to chat with a number of great folks from the Midwest about their car collection and even some folks from Michigan that had a F-450 with Edge programmer and custom exhaust. We got to show them all the features of the Edge CTS monitor and how great it works in our Diesel. After the storm blew over we seen a few more people and lots more cruisers, we started handing out landyards and decals to cruisers as they rolled by to keep the party rolling. Next year we should bring umbrellas to sell!!

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