power6power5power7power8Every year something truly amazing happens dubbed the Hot Rod power tour !!!  We had a previous event so we had to try to full throttle the Dream Garage and catch up with the gang of thousands of Enthusiasts in Norwalk, Ohio.  Summit Race way park was the meeting point for thousands of hot rodders , muscle cars and exotics. We made it there first thing in the morning to set up with all the other vendors and be ready for the massive crowds that were hammering down the highways, back country roads racing for the track.
We got to meet tons of really cool folks from New York , Canada , Texas even from California all on the 8 day journey across the USA. We had a lot of guys interest in purchasing superchips, tires even new gauges to make their rides run faster , better or just cooler. We were able to hook a bunch of them up with goodies to help the rest of their trip. With so many people from different areas of the country it was such a great combination of folks with modern and vintage vehicles, and everyone was eager to learn about new stuff we had on showcase. Many folks never seen the VHX line from Dakota Digital and a lot of guys never thought Gladiator Garageworks actually had premium tool boxes that could compete with the other professional mechanic brands. We even stacked a ton of tools , SSBC brakes and filled the drawers of one box just to show off how great the bearings work under stress.
The Supersonic concept was extremely well perceived by the masses , we feel this is one of our coolest demo vehicles in the Dream Garage. It shows quite easy how with personalization and some great styling a very bland vehicle can be transformed into a ride to be proud of. Many old timers loved the Apache obviously , we are quite happy to have that in the Dream Garage display because it shows off a whole bunch of accessories from our tour partners in real life application. The crowds were so thick by lunchtime we couldn’t even see the parking lot any longer.  We ran out of our days swag and giveaway rations by 3pm and still had 2 hrs left to go.  We think next year we really want to do the entire tour and our reach for the tour partners will be tenfold.
We packed up and sped off to Crown Point , Indiana almost 5 hrs away to rest for a bit and then set up for the refreshed crowds in Indiana. Unfortunately the rain kept us from setting up the entire Dream Garage display as we would of liked but none the less we substituted the Apache with a 800hp turbo 3rd gen Camaro SS and talked with hundreds of new people.  Hands down the Hot Rod Power tour is one of the most amazing automotive events of the year and the Dream Garage roadshow fits right in perfectly.  We are headed to the Street machine Nationals in Duquoin , Ill next stop.