The Dream Garage display was one of the big hits of the Performance and Style event this past weekend , we were placed strategically between the Meguiers hauler , the Starboyz moto stunt team and the show field.  We had a Twin turbo Camaro and Halo super cars Nomag wagon project on display and both actually won 1st in their respective classes.
     The 30″ Pirelli rim/tire combo and 405/25/24 super wide tire were both a HUGE hit of the show , So many people were attracted to the booth purely on their curiosity of “what size tire is that ?” . The crowds were able to grab as many stickers and lanyards as they could carry ,from Kinetik , K&N, Scosche Audio , Pirelli tires. We also handed about a whole box of Kinetik Tshirts and even a few hats and HUGE calendars from K&N went to folks that had K&N intakes on their rides.  We got to use our new 10×20 tent and it was incredible , the sun was baking down on us all weekend , it worked perfect. Now we just need to hook up with our favorite razzleberry tea
        We were showing off the new Gladiator Garage works 41″ rolling case and the premier gearboxes with new bamboo tops and they were really a hit.  All of these omponents are so user friendly and the toolboxes are very high end quality , but very affordable.
               We are also updating our website with links and facebook updates during the shows we are at all weekend. Stay tuned for this weeks stop Goodguys of Nashville , TN show at Lp field.
                 We picked Pete Collelo’s 2011 Custom Camaro as our Dream Garage pick presented by Gladiator Garage works. Pete built this car for SEMA and it was a v6 twin turbo with Air set up , Pirelli tires , K&N filters and Pfadt suspension bits. We looked for the nicest car with the most of our Product partners installed. The car was incredible , full carbon fiber interior , Scosche dash kit and crazy trunk install with gorgeous chocolate exterior.
Heres some pics from the weekend.