Ready, Set, SOLD!!   We hit the RM Auburn Auction this weekend and it
was more amazing than we imagined. From hundreds of classics and rare
vehicles to thousands of buyers and sellers, the 5 day celebration of
car enthusiasts and collectors is a great reason to visit Auburn,
Indiana.  We set up the entire display with blind optimism for this
event, and it was far from a disappointment. Starting while we were
setting up the inquiries began and didn't end until we closed the back
door of the trailer Sunday evening.
Gladiator GarageWorks set us up with a ton of great canvas bags to
hand out to all the weekends participants and this proved to attract
folks to the Dream Garage even more, because of the on the grounds
advertising. There was no other Garage vendors or aftermarket companies
at this event at all so basically we had everyone's attention. Our
display was full the entire weekend, folks were coming by in between
buying or selling cars and chatting with us about their next projects.
We handed out a ton of coozies and Pirelli lanyards as always, so it was
great advertising for our display on the Auction grounds.  Our new Cold
Air Inductions display attracted a lot of attention as well, showing
folks the difference between getting real sealed cold air over the
conventional air intakes. We also had all the usual suspects on hand.
Our Forgiato wheels Camaro, Kinetik Power cells, Dakota digital all new
VHX program and of course our SSBC Performance Brakes Pitbox, which
someone wanted to buy to put in their Dream Garage at home. This crowd
was so mixed unlike any other event we've done yet , folks had perfectly
restored Cadillac's next to Pro touring Mustangs or a new Ferrari. So
with our mix of product partners like Superchips, Edge Performance,
Kinetik and Pirelli we have something for just about everyone.  We
fielded a lot of questions about brake upgrades and master cylinders for
classic cars, just to make them more enjoyable to drive or simply just
safer. SSBC makes a great add on kit for just about any old application
so it was easy to direct folks to getting the right equipment.  Being
the only vendor with Tires and was also great especially since there was
a lot of high performance cars going through the auction and their new
owners wanted to get information on getting fresh rubber.
We will definitely be at the Auburn Auction next year , we are going to
make sure we bring a golf cart as well because the 230+ acres was a lot
of ground to cover......................auburn1 auburn2 auburn3 auburn4 auburn5