Every year over a million people gather on a single road  in Detroit, MI.  Known as the Worlds largest single day celebration of automotive culture and cars, The Woodward Dream Cruise. We set up just south of 13 mile in a skate shops parking lot and they had set up a mobileramp which had tons of kids putting it to good use. We brought out our new Cold Air Inductions display and installed a few kits on the demo cars, another great product which happens to be made in Michigan. The crowd walks the miles of cars and vendor set ups, actually moving faster than the hundreds of thousands of vehicles trying to cruise the 15+ miles of            Woodward. 4 wide for as far as you can see, classics,customs, exotics, and even monster trucks.
Obviously the Gladiator Garage Works Dream Garage tour fit in perfectly with millions of car people. We drew in the crowds like we’ve never seen. The Garage display was to the gills all weekend.  We handed out information to more enthusiasts and do it yourselfers wanting to learn about the new stuff from our partners. Dakota Digitals new VHX line has become a crowd favorite. We were also surprised to hear how many folks have SSBC brake upgrades on their classics out cruising and helped a lot of folks            realize that most all the SSBC replacement pads can be had at their local auto parts store because they are OEM fitments, so there’s no special orders involved. As you can expect our giant 30″ Pirelli rim and tire demo got a lot of attention in Detroit. Kids were lined up all day taking pictures with the Pirelli tire showcase. The Plastidipped Halo 300 coupe drew a ton of  people over to our display off Woodward. We installed SSBC brakes, Cold Air inductions, Superchips tuner and Kinetik auxiliary power cell in this demo car and it all showed very well.  We also had the Camaro featuring something from everyone on the tour. Forgiato wheels, Pirelli tires, Kinetik Power cell, Halo hood kit, Oracle LED lighting, Accuair suspension, Cold Air inductions intake, SSBC slotted brake set up, and Superchips tuned software.
Our Gladiator GarageWorks wall display features some of the various hooks and accessories you can organize your garage with, but also features the very cool bike hook and our DK Helio BMX bike. We got more offers to buy our BMX at this show than any other, I‘m assuming because we were set up at Modern Skate & Surf shop. We think we did a really great job this weekend getting all the product information to a an absolute ton of folks, whether it was new customers or existing customers to our partners just needing replacement parts or upgrades we got to talk with everyone. We were also very surprised at how many  attendees have heard of the Dream Garage tour and have either seen us at another event or someone told them to come see us. This reinforced our efforts and gives us some great momentum going into the last few events for 2013.
We shoehorned in a ton of stuff this weekend, starting with a Chrysler LX custom contest at Chrysler HQ and executive tour of the Design center and Science labs. Then we snuck out to the 5th gen Camaro BBOMG  owners/builders charity ball.  We then ran back to the Chrysler Museum for a BBQ with LX owners group then back to Woodward for the remainder. It was an amazing            weekend filled with every ounce of automotive culture we could squeeze in.  Then a walk up Woodward to the Chicken Shack to top it all off.  The Woodward Dream Cruise weekend is a must for any auto enthusiast at least once in your lifetime. As they say this was the largest gathering of enthusiasts and vehicles in a single day, it’s definitely a sight to see.   We are headed to the other side            of the state next weekend for another Cruise weekend growing larger each year. Its going to be a blast as we have a ton of new stuff in the Dream Garage this year.
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